Everything that you read about on our website is carried out by the members of our Board of Trustees, with occasional help from spouses and a few others who are pressed into service at critical times. We would love to see some unfamiliar faces appearing at our door offering help. Below are several areas of activity that could use a boost from a new volunteer.

The History of Grantham

The largest undertaking the Historical Society has ever embarked on is writing a history of Grantham. Some sections have been written, but will require editing. We are choosing maps and photographs to accompany most sections. We need people who could assist with fact checking and maintaining the files related to the history. Other possibilities will emerge as progress is made.


Ken Story, our president, serves as program chairman. He would appreciate someone helping with the details of program planning: contacts with speakers, reserving meeting space, organizing refreshments, publicity and follow up with speakers. The board often has ideas about programs, but needs someone to be the “detail” person.

Collections Committee

There are currently two people on this committee. We carry out the responsibilities of  handling donations to Collections. We could use help maintaining all the records associated with each donation, storing items accepted into Collections according to archival principles, and reviewing donations already in Collections from previous years for accuracy of our records.

History “Thinking”

We welcome ideas for our quarterly newsletter, especially if they are presented in a format that can be used directly in the newsletter. New ideas for exhibits are also encouraged. Please contact any member of the board in person, call us, or stop by on a Friday afternoon to talk about your interests.

Other ongoing projects that could also benefit from volunteer efforts include:

Cemetery Project
Create a database of all headstone information

• Leader and committee
• Digital photographer
• Outside work (measuring, documenting)
• IT/database expertise
• Data entry
• Scheduled clean up days

Click to enlargeVeterans Project
Locate all veterans (of any conflict) in Grantham
• Leader and committee
• Research
• Data entry

Oral Histories
Document the stories of residents in town
• Leader and committee
• Digital photographer
• Interviewing
• Transcription
• Grant writing

Education Outreach program
• School visits
• Tours of the society
• Projects for kids to work on
• Continuing education for historical society members