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The Grantham Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update members and interested residents about the activities of the society. Articles include new information in the archives, stories about the town and its residents as well as meeting notices, building updates and special events and activities. Issues of the GHS newsletter are available in PDF form for your reading pleasure. Other issues are available at GHS by request.



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Correction for the Winter 2013-14 issue: On page 5 in the article about the cards available for sale through the historical society, the editor made an error in stating that the earliest notecards made by Renee Gustafson for us were of local native flowers. These were made for the Grantham Garden Club, not us, and are available from them. We have her cards of historical scenes, Grantham brooks and ponds, barns of Grantham and holiday cards for sale at the historical society on Friday afternoons from 1-4 p.m. We are very grateful to Renee for her efforts to support our fundraising in this way.


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