Oral histories

The Grantham Historical Society has a number of oral histories of Grantham residents. These tapes can be used at the historical society only.


Nellie Mutney, town and personal history, no date

Joe and Wanda Forest, Juno Horton (Pillsbury) and Horton’s Farm, 1/26/76

Grantham Historical Society meeting, 2/21/98 and part of 3/21/98

Grantham Historical Society meeting, second part of 3/21/98

Early Grantham Schools, Grantham Historical Society meeting, 4/10/98 and 4/16/98

Oral history project on Grantham schools, 1999, including:

a.      Ella Reney

b.     Pete Forest

c.      Dennis and Connie Howard

d.     Hap and Eleanor Reney

e.     Wilfred Hastings

f.      Bill Hutchins

g.     Frances Tucker

Allen and Chris Hastings, 9/25/04

Dennis Howard, 2/4/05

Willena Hastings Spooner, 10/05

Phyllis Forest, 10/20/05

Judy Pellettieri, 4/16/98

Ramona Flewelling, 10/05/06

Allen Walker, 7/24/05 and 8/12/05