About the Grantham Historical Society

Horton-Farm-Rt--10-1958.jpgThe Grantham Historical Society was established in 1992 by a small group of Grantham residents. Its mission: a nonprofit organization that will collect and preserve Grantham’s history and to generate interest in the town. In 1995, the Selectmen formally established the Grantham Town Archives and appointed a town archivist. Together, these two town resources have assumed responsibility for gathering and preserving Grantham’s past.

Due to coronavirus, the archives are not currently open. Please email GHS with any requests.

President: Ken Story

Vice President: Owen Garland

Treasurer: Kathi Osgood

Directors: Kelly Spiller, Nate Carey, Peter Garland, Jamielynn Garland


  • American Association of State and Local History (AASLH)
  • Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire¬† (AHSNH)
  • Old Graveyards Association (OGA)